Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join my team?
Joining your team is easy, please watch this video tutorial.
Q- What if I want to play but I don't have a team?
A- Individuals may register as “free agents”. Playground Sports will hook you up with a team or join all the free agents to create a team. If Playground Sports cannot find a team for you, you will be credited or refunded the free agent registration fee. We are not going to keep your money if you get no games!
Q- I have a team but we need a few more players, can Playground Sports find more players to round out my roster?
A- Yes, Playground Sports will hook free agents up with your team to round out the roster.
Q- I want to read over the rules of one of the leagues before I decide to play, where do I find them?
A- Email Playground Sports to receive the electronic rules of any sport Playground Sports offers. In order to keep the website clean and cut down on paper, all players receive an electronic copy of the rules when they register for a league.
Q- I am in a league and want to see the scores and schedule, where do I go to get this info?
A- Go to the team page of the sport you are participating (example: teamkick) and click on score and standings or click here to see the league info. It is that easy, no logging in just quick info at your finger tips.
Q-What if I miss a deadline and I really want to play?
A- Contact Playground Sports by phone or email, you may just get lucky and get slotted in the current league, some additional fees may apply, or be the first cool kid to register for the next league. You never know until you ask.
Q- My team has some time constraints for playing in the league, can Playground Sports accommodate scheduling requests?
A- Playground Sports cannot guarantee time requests but we will do our best to work with a team. Make sure to make time requests before or upon registration, this will make the request easier to accommodate.
Q- How are the top teams in a division determined for playoffs?
A- Playoffs are determined in the following order by record, if there is a tie then head to head record, and finally tie breaker is total points scored. If you have specific questions about the seeding of the playoffs contact Playground Sports by phone or email.

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