human foosball

human foosball

Human Foosball – You Have to See This to Believe It

Don’t just play regular foosball in our pub leagues, try out our Human Foos league. The human foosball league allows you to become a players in one of the most popular rec games around, foosball. This new take on a classic game allows you to kick, block and slide with your pole mates to score goals and show your pitch dominance.  Teams of 6 players will gather year round on our super-sized “table” to take foosball to the human level.  Snag your pals and get ready to have a ball with this awesome addition to the Playground Sports line-up.  No spinning…but you get to finally grab the pole and still make your parents proud! Individual and team sign-ups are available; see human foosball registration for more details about venues, upcoming leagues, fees and other riff raff. Join human foosball and have a ball.

League Details:

Tuesday Foosball

2022 Human Foosball League Dates

Session One

Early Registration 12/26/21

Final Registration 1/18/22

Games 1/23/22 – 2/13/22

Session Two

Early Registration 2/13/22

Final Registration 2/22/22

Games 2/27/22 – 3/23/22






Session Two

Early Registration 10/28/22

Final Registration 11/15/22

Games 11/22/22 – 12/13/22


League dates subject to change.

Human Foosball Partners

Making human foosball a reality has been a big project that wouldn't have been possible without the support and hard work from our partners.