kickball – 22oz of fun

The days of skinned knees and band-aids with your favorite cartoon character are not over. Playground Sports Kickball League is the most fun you can have in public without getting a ticket. Games are played outdoors most of the year. Kickball is a coed recreational league consisting of 10-20 players and 22oz of fun. The league includes alcohol permits (B.Y.O.B.) at approved some of our outdoor venues for a full-bodied experience of adult recreation. Individual and team sign-ups are available; see kickball registration for more details about upcoming leagues, fees, and other riff raff. Join teamkick and have a ball.


Kickball League Types:

Quick and Dirty: 4 weeks, self-officiated season.

Social: for those peeps that are new to the league or just looking for fun without the competitiveness. No playoffs and teams ranked by social scores.

Recreational: 5-6 games per season scheduled including playoffs, more competitive than social division.

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