Corvallis Sunday Recreational Dodgeball – Spring 2019

Early registration deadline 03/12/19: Team $325 / Free Agent $40

Final registration deadline 03/19/19: Team $350 / Free Agent $45

Dates: Sunday Nights, March 31st – April 28th

Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Location: TBD (Corvallis)

Gender: Coed

Team Size: Minimum 6, Maximum 12

Age: 18y+ (As of first day of league play)

League Format (click to open)

This is a Coed RECREATIONAL LEAGUE! The division is focused on FUN! Coed requires a gender minimum to start the games, min 2 people of each gender. The league consists of 1 – 2 matches per night, 15 minute matches, 9 – 10 matches over the season including playoffs. Matches are 15 minutes in duration and teams play as many games within the 15 minute time limit as possible. The team that wins the most games during the 15 minute match wins the match.

– Playground rules in effect, catch is an out for opponent and gets a team mate out of “prison”. Please see the detailed rules for specifics, honor code is in effect.

Coed requires a minimum of 2 of each gender to start the game. Division uses only 8.5inch balls for games. If teams have only 1 of each gender they must play all games with 5 players.

Minimum 4 players to start the match (2 and 2 for coed), max 6 players on the court. Teams will be scheduled to supply court monitors during the season. Teams receive up to 10 shirts included in the league fees, additional shirts may be purchased for $10 per shirt.

Registration Notes (click to open)

Captains: Sign up your full team to reserve a team spot and send out roster invites for your teammates to join. Captain pays full team fee.

Team Players: Register to join a team after your captain has reserved the team spot. You will be able to find your team name under a drop down menu during the registration process.

Small Groups: For friends wanting to play together but don’t have a full team or a full team wanting to sign up individually.

Free Agents: For individuals needing a team.

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