Wednesday Night Bowling League

Emerald Lanes – Spring-2 2020

Early Registration Deadline 3/26/20: Team $400 / Free Agent $65
Final Registration Deadline 4/9/20: Team $440/ Free Agent $75


Dates: Wednesday nights, April 15th – May 13th 

Time: 7:00 to 9:00pm

Location: Emerald Lanes (map link)

Gender: Coed

Age: 21y+ (As of first day of league play)

League Format (click to open)

2 games scheduled per night, 4 week season, 8 games, T-Shirt included. Bowling teams consist of 6-10 people, only 6 players bowl per game. Subs can be made between games but not during. Those six should consist of at least 2 men and 2 women, a minimum of 2 each gender to start the game. Bowl one game, tally up the scores of the top men and women for each team, compare scores whichever team has the highest score wins! Scores are capped at 201 to maintain the recreational nature of the league. Each game is 2 pts for a win, tie 1 pt, loss 0 pt. Max pts scored by one team in a night is 4pts.

Registration Notes (click to open)
Players be sure to put your team name so you are linked with the correct team. If you do not, you may not be placed with the correct team. All players must complete this process by the registration deadline.

Free Agents  will be placed on a team after the final deadline. Be sure to check your email after the final deadline date.

Captains once you have registered your team, your players must join your team by using the link “Player Join Your Team” by the registration deadline. Be sure your players know the team name so they may complete the online process.

Players who do not join the team online by the registration deadline will be charged the $10 admin fee to complete the paper version of the player profile.

Small Group Member: Want to play with a few friends or have a team all wanting to pay individually? Create a small group and have the rest of your friends join! We will keep you all together and help fill out your team if needed with another small group or free agents.

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