Game Night

Live Hosted Virtual Game Night Events – 2020

Limited time events:  $25 per person per event- See links to right. Processing fees will be applied. 

Dates offered: Thursday evening,  Dec 17th 2020 
Registrations is limited

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Location: Wherever you have internet

Gender: Open

Age: 18+ (as of day of play) May include: ADULT LANGUAGE & CONSUMPTION.

General Event Info (click to open)

Game Night VIRTUAL EVENTS – Fun with Friends New & Old

Miss the Game Night fun with your buddies in real life pre-pandemic? Well you are in luck, Playground Sports is now offering Game Night as live hosted virtual events that will allow you to get your game fix without having to host, clean, or leave your house!
Beverage recommendations will be included for each event so we can feel like we are having a beverage with our pals….even if it is virtually. There will be a whole lot of hot nonsense and different live hosted games. Enjoy trivia style games along with interactive games that will scratch your itch for social interactions. Games like trivia, werewolf, and even themed games. Each week we will announce or game offerings.  Choose the event style that fits your desired Game Night experience and away we go!  

Don’t miss the exciting live hosted virtual game events that promise to help you feel a little more connected during the pandemic. Get ready to be creative, laugh, and have a ball.