Wednesday Turf Kickball League – Fall 2019

Early registration deadline 9/03/19: Team $560 / Free Agent $55

Final registration deadline 9/17/19: Team $600 / Free Agent $70

Dates: Wednesday Nights, September 25th – October 23th

Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: Les Schwab Sports Park at Bob Keefer Center (map link)

Gender: Coed

Team Size: Minimum 10, Maximum 16

Age: 21y+ (As of first day of league play)

Equipment/Supplies: T-Shirt – Provided

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Sponsored teams must contact Playground Sports for registration
League Format (click to open)

5 Week Season (5 games guaranteed)

Teams must have a minimum of 3 women and 3 men on the field to start game. Games are played to 50 min or 7 innings (whichever is first). 10 players max in the field, minimum 6. If playing with 8 or less players, the teams must have a minimum of 3 of each gender. If playing with more than 8, teams must have 4 of each.

Each team must supply a minimum of 2 members to officiate games as scheduled during the season.

Have enough Playground Sports shirts? Teams can opt to re-use Playground Sports shirts for a $50 credit towards any future Playground Sports season. This applies to any returning team and must register by submitting the team fee. Credit (for any future season after this season) will be applied after the team captain emails asking for the $50 shirt re-use credit.

Registration Notes (click to open)
Captains: Sign up your full team to reserve a team spot and send out roster invites for your teammates to join. Captain pays full team fee.

Small Groups: For friends wanting to play together but don’t have a full team or a full team wanting to sign up individually.

Free Agents: For individuals needing a team.

Kickball League
Kickball League
Kickball League
Kickball League